Friday, September 04, 2009

My Barn Flower Box

This display of Gleam nasturtiums and Midnight Sun pansies has greeted me daily as I go about my garden chores and it is the last of the August paintings...a small four inch square watercolor.

I set out to paint every day in August and I almost did that (missed 2 days). Some paintings took more than a day or two to complete. I ended up with about 14 new framed paintings, manyof them gardens or flowers.

I like working on projects. I enjoy waking up every day and thinking about what I am going to paint that day. Projects lend a certain focus to my work. I appreciate the continuity; not allowing interruptions to derail my painting. I also got some ideas for larger studio paintings to work on in the coming months.

During September I will be adding to the Fifty State Plein Air Painting Project, visiting New England. And I'll be preparing my new work and messy studio for visitors during the Artists' Open House Weekend October 10, 11 & 12. On October 12th I'll be demonstrating watercolor here at the the studio at 11 am and pastel at 2pm. Please join me. I will be happy to answer technique & materials questions as well as those on "art."

My Day at Gibbs

These are two of the last August Painting marathon pieces; both done as the guest at Gibbs Garden Center, LeRaysville, PA last Saturday. The morning especially threatened rain which allowed me to have a really active sky in each painting. They are each about 2-hour paintings with minimal adjustments back in the studio. They will be for sale here at my studio during The Artists' Open House Weekend October 10,11,12.

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