Thursday, August 16, 2012

Svelte Model with Big Hat

As I approached The River Gallery School of Art on the last day of the summer portraiture classes,  I saw a stylish woman wearing a cute black dress and a huge hat, carrying a big shiny black hat box. She strolled quickly down the sidewalk in front of me. I was hoping she was our model that day. This is one of the two charcoal drawings I made of her. Some people are just so very interesting to draw.

Yellowstone NP photograph by rodrica tilley
On another front, I just returned from Montana where I completed three more Fifty State Paintings. It was a fabulous week amongst the mountain tops, wolves, mountain bluebirds, elk, bison and wildflowers of Yellowstone Park. Aside from a little smoke in the air it was a perfect week for plein air painting. Check it out here and join the mailing list for that blog while you are there. Only 15 more states, so you won't be swamped with emails.

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