Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Water Power!

My friend and I painted along the Ashuelot River in south western New Hampshire yesterday morning. We chose neighboring towns; Westminster and Hinsdale...(our chatter didn't annoy each other...just innocent passers-by). My 14 x 18 pastel Homes Along Ashuelot River was done in about two hours of intense work with another hour of work and looking in the studio today. It is finished, mostly.

The Ashuelot River is beautiful, varied, freshly stocked with fish (I saw state of NH doing that) and of great economic, cultural and historical interest. Grist mills, saw mills, paper mills, fabric mills, electricity generation-today and yesterday. I will check out my presumption, but these homes probably housed workers at the huge brick shabby industrial complex across the river. ??? Sometimes an artistic decision on my part arouses my curiosity and I will have to figure out what was manufactured there and when.

We are both going back tomorrow for another chance to spend a day on the Ashuelot, hopefully with dry feet.

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