Friday, June 17, 2011


It still seems magical to me when the fireflies first appear. The other night on a late stroll around my dark garden I was surprised by bright lights - close. It was a real "what the heck ? kind off moment" until I realized what was happening; a lightning bug had gotten caught in my bangs. In trying to free itself it kept flashing and reflecting off my glasses. It was quite disorienting until I realized what it was....not a psychedelic flashback after all.

This painting is a scene I caught out of my side window driving back from town just past dusk; the neighbors' pond turned into a mirror and the fireflies are still low, in the grass.

12 x 16 - latest in the Transitions Series. This nocturne was painted on a red sheet of Art Spectrum pastel paper, using a surprisingly small number of soft pastels; some Giraults, Nupastels and Unison mostly - probably less than 15 colors total, plus the red of the paper. So few colors, but a precision choice nevertheless. To pick the right dozen colors all pastel artists know you need a thousand or so to choose from!

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