Saturday, January 03, 2015

Bench with Boxwoods

WISHES; Happy New Year! I hope you are feeling hopeful and curious and ready to give it another go. I spent New Years' Day drawing with my sketch group. It was auspicious and I look forward to many Thursday afternoons sketching and catching up with my drawing friends.

HOPES: This year I look forward to making a few paintings; looking at art; seeing my daughter and son in law move in to their new home (with basic amenities).

DREAMS: Are you sitting down? My husband is joining me on a summer trip to Alaska....the only state I have never visited and one of three to go on the Fifty State Plein Air Painting Project. I intend to exhibit a selection of the 50 state paintings.

I wish you a year of doing what you want, health, hope and prosperity. Please tell me what you are up to...I'm losing patience with FB.

The above painting, Bench with Boxwoods, was never published here in it's final finished version and now it is SOLD. So long......make someone happy.

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