Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fall Brook March

Friday I got out for a lovely spring day of painting at Salt Springs State Park. This is done from one of my favorite spots; the bridge on Buckley Road. The color palette was surprisingly similar to many of my Arizona paintings done in March of 2007...more water, though. I used an orange-toned sheet of Wallis paper mounted on board and very soft pastels...mostly Unisons. It was a challenging composition, but I think it is complete.

Love to have your comments on Fall Brook March 12 x 12 plein air pastel.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ides of March Moon


An early morning sighting from my bedroom window
was an auspicious beginning to a fine spring day. I rushed into the studio to capture the feeling of the waning moon and reddening maple buds across the field. I used a minimal number of soft pastel colors (just counted...15!) on Art Spectrum Colourfix paper rose-grey...a small number of colors, but many layers.

March Moon 10 x 10 framed in rustic gold wood frame, off-white matting -

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