Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Mojave Desert

Irrigated roses, Sunday morning, Under the Eaves Inn at Zion in Springdale, Utah
I've been painting from Death Valley to Zion NP and you can see the latest 3 states (numbers 45, 46 and 47) in the Fifty State Plein Air Painting Project. I was in time for spring...not a banner year for desert wildflowers due to lack of snow and rain, but there were still plenty of blooms in ditches and pockets all over the Mojave Desert. I saw wildlife; mule deer, black-tailed jackrabbit, western cottontail, roadrunner, kit fox, birds that I cannot identify, and a western coach whip snake, commonly called Red Racer....none of which are in the photos below...just their habitat.
Desert Springs Botanical Garden, Las Vegas, NV
IMHP, the best thing in Las Vegas...and the home of above mentioned forty inch long pretty snake.

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge - alkali water, home of the amargosa pupfish, Nevada and a totally delightful surprise for me. Uniquely beautiful place.
My Death Valley set-up with partially completed painting

Self portrait in Golden Canyon, Death Valley NP, California

Kolob Canyon, Zion NP, Utah
The Mojave Desert is the smallest and driest North American Desert. Covering just 22,000 miles, it is located in California, Southwestern Utah, Southern Nevada and Western Arizona. Both Death Valley and Charleston Peak are located in the Mojave Desert, giving it a range in altitude from 282 feet below sea level to 11,918 feet above sea level.

Let me know what you are up to. I welcome questions and comments...this trip filled some of my life dreams; Death Valley, Zion and Cirque du Soleil!

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