Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Big Gold Tree - Demo

Here is the finished painting (bottom) that I started on October 12th in front of those of you that watched the pastel demo at my studio. It was born of a sketch from my mind rather than a photo or plein air study. I am happy with the gold glow of this pastoral autumn scene. I like the various textures. It has a lot of energy, but still conveys a quiet peace. The composition is a little quirky, which I like, but it works.

I've included the top image which is how I left it that day after about one and a half hours of intense work. The middle image represents another couple of hours work, as does the final one...add an hour for sketch work...and several hours of looking and thinking...plus framing...and selling.

I am often asked how long it takes me to make a painting. My temptation is to say " four hours and 40 years"...meaning it used to take me a long time...now I know what I am doing and it still takes me a long time because I am not so easily satisfied. That said, some paintings paint themselves and some sell themselves, but that is not the norm....most take hard work...and time....and I love it.

It is 14 x 19 and will be for sale soon at $650 framed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nasturtiums Demo

Monday during the Artists' Open House Weekend I painted this bouquet for my watercolor demo. It is on a hot pressed surface; Strathmore 500 illustration board. Most of this was done during the initial one and a half hours. I had been studying the pitcher of flowers for two days as it sat in my studio. And I spent some time putting a few finishing touches to it on Tuesday. Maybe it is done now. I will look at it a bit more before it goes into a frame. I am very happy with the way the orange flowers pop out from the grey background. It has a certain looseness that I like. Of course it could always be better....next time.

Thanks to everyone who watched...so nice to have a truly interested audience who actually love to watch paint dry.

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