Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day Three

The art studio moving sale is proving to be a success. Thank you to everyone who came bearing gifts and those who left bearing gifts (for themselves and others). Thanks for wishing us well in our move to Vermont. Thanks for your hugs and tears. Thanks to those who found room on their walls and in their hearts for one more painting of mine. I am a very lucky artist.

But, we're not done yet. Two more days to go! Plenty of paintings, prints, photographs, clay sculptures and books are still looking for a home. Each morning I make the rounds with my red pen to see what could be discounted even more.

We are accepting offers on the kiln. The Framers Edge 650 matt cutter is in fine condition and retails new for over $600! MIne is now $225. The display rack is pine with oak slats and presents your work favorably. $200 today.

Stop by to say hello....or goodbye.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art Studio Sale

Day 2 of the studio moving sale. We've found quite a bit more objets d'art. Sculptures, ceramics by Zoe Poster and photographs by Michael Poster as well as many books. Deeply discounted prints and paintings by Rodrica Tilley. Books, Art supplies, Mat Cutters and Display rack for itinerant artists/photographers. Come have a look. Each morning I will be further reducing prices. Kiln, books and much more. A whole library of dog training books...and the dogs to convince you it worked...dogs not for sale of course. Willing to consider all offers.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Studio Moving Sale

Everything is discounted - many deals.
Partial list (I'm still finding stuff) of what will be available May 27,28,29,30 from 11-5 at my studio near Montrose (681 McCollum RD) :
paintings - some hidden for decades in a darkened room
prints - current, giclees, mixed-bag, older, almost forgotten
books - art, garden, fiction, reference, non-fiction - coffee stained and 'like-new'
rack set - portable pine slotted racks for display of paintings
plein air gear - 2 umbrellas, stone bag
signed Keith Haring poster
large custom applique "open studio" flag
ceramics, sculptue, pots, kiln,
mat board,
mat cutter - Logan Model 650 Framers Edge
unframed pen and ink originals, your very own "hunk" in pastel,
original watercolor illustrations that appeared in Woman's Day & Horticulture magazines,
oak 4-drawer file cabinet,
materials for children's art projects,
papers - watercolor, pastel, drawinng, finger painting including 144" x 44" d'arches CP watercolor paper on roll
note cards, blank envelopes
ten 12" x 12" stretched, primed canvases - HD Masterwrap
2 sets of oil pastels
and much, much'll be suprised. I am!

Cinco de Mayo

Trying to ignore my chores, I set up my easel in the garden just before 10 am because it was a warm, clear day and we haven't had many of those here in the Northeast this spring. I wanted to capture some of the soft colors and a feeling of the garden bloom beginning it's seasonal progression. I was pretty sure the dandelions would still need weeding later as would the latest closet cleaning in the studio.

In this picture the lead role is taken by the aptly named Star Magnolia, a sweetly fragrant bush we love to sit near. The supporting cast is a diverse lot of conifers, hardwoods and two apple trees with an adorable guest appearance by the little coral species tulips.

About 10:15 the wind kicked up and my board threatened to take the whole easel for a sail across the garden. My trusty stone bag saved the day and I've included a photo of this fold away piece of indispensable gear I carry in the bottom of my backpack. Stones can be found in most places I paint, but in their absence I've scooped up hands full of sand or purchased a gallon of water. Whatever you use for ballast will stabilize your easel in a surprisingly stiff wind. It lowers the center of gravity, there by making painting actually possible.

Later when I did get around to cleaning out some drawers in the studio storeroom I found a brand new spare stone bag! I didn't even know I had two! That one will be included in my upcoming BIG STUDIO MOVING SALE May 27, 28, 29 & 30 along with an array of prints, paintings, art supplies and other unique items useful...or at least artists and collectors. There will be deals, trust me.

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