Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day Three

The art studio moving sale is proving to be a success. Thank you to everyone who came bearing gifts and those who left bearing gifts (for themselves and others). Thanks for wishing us well in our move to Vermont. Thanks for your hugs and tears. Thanks to those who found room on their walls and in their hearts for one more painting of mine. I am a very lucky artist.

But, we're not done yet. Two more days to go! Plenty of paintings, prints, photographs, clay sculptures and books are still looking for a home. Each morning I make the rounds with my red pen to see what could be discounted even more.

We are accepting offers on the kiln. The Framers Edge 650 matt cutter is in fine condition and retails new for over $600! MIne is now $225. The display rack is pine with oak slats and presents your work favorably. $200 today.

Stop by to say hello....or goodbye.

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