Friday, June 25, 2010

Birch Trees Dancing

I was invited to a paint out yesterday by members of Hill Country Artists. At Christine Olson's home there were many wonderful trees and flowers to paint but these two caught my eye. In fact, it seemed like they were the only couple on the dance floor, gracefully swaying in the morning light. For such a simple subject they gave me a surprisingly difficult time. I'd love a chance to paint them again; I think I could use fewer strokes, a smaller amount of pastel and considerably less sweat and swearing the second time around. I'm not even sure this painting is finished now. Maybe tomorrow will bring even further clarity.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rose and Pansy Bouquet

A small watercolor done yesterday; I set up a tiny vase on my drawing table containing what I consider to be a wonderful bouquet of a single blossom of Winter Sunset Rose and some almost black, huge pansies.

It will be for sale during my upcoming Annual Summer Art Exhibit July2 through 11 here at the studio. The exhibit is open daily 10am-6pm with the following exceptions: July 2nd is an opening reception only from 6-8pm and July 11th the show closes at 4pm.

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