Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fall Brook March

Friday I got out for a lovely spring day of painting at Salt Springs State Park. This is done from one of my favorite spots; the bridge on Buckley Road. The color palette was surprisingly similar to many of my Arizona paintings done in March of 2007...more water, though. I used an orange-toned sheet of Wallis paper mounted on board and very soft pastels...mostly Unisons. It was a challenging composition, but I think it is complete.

Love to have your comments on Fall Brook March 12 x 12 plein air pastel.


Jo Castillo said...

This is very nice and soft. The colors work well together. Square format is interesting, right? Nice work.

Miki Willa said...

You did a great job with the bare trees. That is always difficult for me. How did you do this with soft pastels? I also really like the colors in this very nice painting. I found your blog through Jo Castillo's blog. I will be back.

Rodrica Tilley said...

Thanks for your kind words. For tree branches I can often use a freshly broken and relatively sharp-edged soft pastel.I sometimes use pastel pencils, too, but they often are not soft enough to mark on top of layers of very soft sticks pastels.

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