Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

For weeks I've had a sparkling new 18 Colour Pearlescent Assortment of pastels sitting open on my work table. Everytime I glanced over, it made me smile a little because I adore the colors and they shimmer. I had no idea what I would actually use them for. I assumed that when the time was right I'd put them on a garden painting or maybe use them in a restrained manner in a landscape. It didn't matter because having the box next to me was good enough reason for their existence. In retrospect I see that the box resembled one of those compartmentalized storage boxes in which shiny tree ornaments are kept for eleven months of the year.

Christmas Day was a quiet, grey one here and when I walked into the studio I knew exactly what these particular pastels would do for me; inspire me to paint "Lonely Little Holiday Tree."

Great American Art Works uses delightful names for their colors - Blue Morpho, Black Pearl, Dusk, Whitecaps, Cameroon and Alpenglo.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rodrica,
Love the comparison to Christmas ornaments! Also love new media and supplies but it always takes a while to feel like it's ok to actually do more than look at them. Actually using them and getting familiar with their particular properties is such an adventure!!

Glad to see you are blogging. Phyllis Rennie

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