Monday, February 25, 2008

First Sold Painting at the Exhibit

On Frozen Pond was the first painting of mine to be sold yesterday at the opening reception of Recent Landscapes and Wishful Thinking at The Butternut Gallery. It is a small (image 10 x 10inch) tonalist* painting. The folks who purchased it spent a long time whispering to each other, walking back and forth in front of the gallery wall. It was a well-considered purchase. A joy for me, as they have several of my paintings all ready.

It will remain as part of the exhibit through April 19th and then it will go to a very good and appreciative home.

"Tonalism is somewhat elusive and hard to define precisely. It means subtlety, first of all -- subtle shifts in tone and color." by William Zimmer, NYTimes, 1999

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