Monday, July 07, 2008

Last Visitor Gets to Choose

The Summer Exhibit and sale here at the studio was a big success...34 paintings sold! and many prints and pots. Despite the diminished selection to choose from the last visitor came at 9 am Monday and took whatever he wanted!

Rosalita (fearless Australian Cattle Dog) and Leo (her backup black lab) tried to deter this big male black bear, but he pretty much treated them as pesky flies. I've never been happier that my dogs have excellent recalls. They came in the house and we barricaded the doors and windows.

I knew I was tempting fate leaving my bird feeders up this summer and I am just glad no one got hurt. The bear had a beautiful black coat and was quite handsome with awesome brute strength. (we tried to bend the metal pole back again).

All of the rest of our many visitors were much better behaved...thankfully....and when he arrived I was going around the garden telling my daughter about the "exciting" re-appearance of the Rudbeckia maxima in front of the greenhouse!!!


Sending An Angel said...

MGosh is that window opened? I think I would be scared half to Hurray for all you wonderful sales.

Rodrica Tilley said...

Yes, it was open(with a flimsy screen)...Take pictures first...THEN close window when you've come to your senses. He growled at me, as I was approaching the window to close it, in case I was thinking of taking HIS feeder! Yeah, right. And my knees were shaking for sure.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Rodrica, that's some art collector you got there! You're lucky he decided not to make off with one of your paintings. Seriously, that bear is awfully close. Congrats on such a successful open studio. Could you share some tips with us fellow artists that you feel contributed to enhancing your art sales?

Rodrica Tilley said...

Well, Elena, I had a sale! I reduced the prices of my pre-2008 paintings. 29 years and this is my first real sale. I did it in the spirit of bad economy, slow sales in general and way too many paintings here. My daughter jumped on board with her claywork and people got some bargains. We had fun and have room and cash to keep on doing what we both do best. You know shopping for deals can be contagious.

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