Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Local Talent"

Glenburn Township 4th Annual Show and Sale is going on right now through December 11. 9-noon Monday through Thursdays. It's not often that a township gets lucky enough to have Joanne Benson as an employee. She's turned the historic and beautifully renovated train station into a community center for art. She has found room on the walls for over 80 pieces of local art this year.
And she finds time to paint, too, as can be seen in her lovely featured watercolor "Anemones." The township supervisors and Lackawanna County Arts & Culture Municipality Grant have supported her efforts. So has Patsel's Restaurant.

Just goes to show what can be done in a community that wants and welcomes art.

570-563-1177 for directions and info.

My painting Narrow Gouge Again that is featured on the cover of the Artists' Open House Weekend brochure is on view, but not for sale, at "Local Talent." Also Clouds Roll In is there and it is for sale along with many wonderful oils, watercolors, acrylics, prints, photographs by other local artists.

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Joanne said...

Hi Rodrica,
Thanks for mentioning the Glenburn Show. You have gotten lots of positive feedback on your paintings! Glad your vacation was fun! Getting too cold to go out hoo....We may be driving through Ithica in December. I will stop and see the Kitschen Sink if I can talk hubby into it and if we can find it!

Take care, Joanne

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