Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two Recent Demos

I have finally finished Front Walk which was painted mostly during the Artists' Open House Weekend on October 13th. Although I fussed and adjusted details quite a bit I think those of you who watched the painting appear in the front studio garden will recognize it as the same painting, but finished. At the end of my demo that day I knew I had some choppiness...too many competing areas in value. Luckily I kept the colors limited to a fairly narrow range because the texture & values were contrasting and bordering on chaotic. By constantly looking at this painting I feel I have worked out it's problems and made a dense and complex garden scene with the warmth of a perfect aurtumn day in my tangled garden.

Last week I was asked to give a demo in front of Hill Country Artists. They are a great audience; asking educated questions and absorbing concepts like sponges. What fun. House with Blue Roof is my finished painting and not much was done to this one after I left the meeting.

Both will be for sale soon at $400 framed in rustic gold wood frames. If you write to me I will tell you where they are being shown.

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