Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blown Off the Field

I was so excited to be met with a day above 50ºF that I quickly grabbed the easel and a few pastels and drove down my road until I spotted a likely subject. A cold front was moving in quite fast and the sky was very active. I kept a death grip on the easel against the gusts and did manage to get the panel covered with color before the rain sent me packing. I don't care; it was my first day out since Nov. 4!

I like this has strong composition, interesting color and it is fresh & windy. I might normally title it 'spring thaw' but we are far from spring here and we've all ready had several of these thaws, then ice storms, then foot of snow and we're only a week into winter officially.

December Thaw (11 x 14 UArt #800 on panel) will get some finishing work and I will publish the finished piece then. Such a delight to get out of the studio even if it was brief.

BTW the studio is open for appointments during most of the winter. email is best


Phyllis said...

Cool snow patterns!!

Rodrica Tilley said...

Thanks, Phyllis...I am obsessed with them. Right now the white snow is leaving interesting marks on the landscape. While driving to Binghamton today I was quite distracted by the drawing in white on the brown fields; paths and lines and squiggles and patches. Even my dogs have carved interesting abstract patterns in the snowy yard as seen from the second story windows. Ah, it's winter; we must find amusement in it or we will cry all over the ice.

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