Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snowy Woods

"This is my beauty - all the beauty I wish for: the love of this nature around my home. They talk of Italian Skies. I envy not the Italian. Nor do they envy me. I find no sympathetic beauty in the sky I have not lived under. The Elysian fields are not at the ends of the earth - they are here at my feet."
Charles Burchfield wrote that in Salem, Ohio in September 1914...and it speaks to me.

I have been (for quite some time now) reading Charles Burchfield's Journals; The Poetry of Place. I will be reading it into the foreseeable future (unless my arms give out first). It is abridged, thankfully; the artist wrote approximately 2,000,000 words between the two world wars and gave us wonderful insight to culture & conditions of the time as well as a picture of his own thoughts and career. His watercolors are haunting modernist expressions of nature...including those things usually difficult to depict; sound and heat, for example. You can view some of his work here.

This is one of my recent
studio paintings, Snowy Woods, 19 x 19 (image size) pastel .

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Joanne said...

Love this one! Those reflections rock and it is soooo peaceful and quiet.

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