Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I was asked to do a mini-workshop on a lovely Sunday afternoon at my favorite Montrose, PA restaurant, Summerhouse. The brunch people lingered to watch and I set up this still-life in a corner and blocked it in. I brought it back to the studio to finish and I think it a nice way to start spring; with a painting I like. I love the colors. I relied on a few eggs for spring symbolism - fertility. I used one of my own framed paintings for background element and a bit of reflection and depth.

I think some guidelines for setting up a still life should be:
1. Pick some objects you have an affinity for.
2. Make them visually contrasting; size, texture, etc.
3. Unite them with a theme; color, purpose, mood; a cloth or surface can tie elements together.
4. Keep in mind the basics of composition...leading the eye around inside the painting and not off the edge.

I am still working on this painting, but it won't change much. I see no big problems...some small areas may be improved a bit over the next week before it gets framed.

It will be for sale by June 4 & 5 when the Montrose Garden Club sponsors an open garden tour & my studio shows some floral and garden paintings by Betty Bryden and me.

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