Thursday, July 01, 2010

Annual Summer Art Exhibit

I have been having a rather exciting spring...painting, watching a den of red foxes on my property, traveling to Delaware for a few sublime beach painting days, looking for the kit red foxes, weeding the garden, smelling the roses, wandering through the woods with binoculars peering around trees to spy the adorable little foxes, finding a rafter of wild turkey poults and thinking what a good meal they will make for the foxes (my apologies, hunters), wondering who will eat our blueberries this year...turkeys or foxes.

Please come to my July 2 opening reception here from 6-8pm. The annual summer art exhibit continues through July 11th. Open every day 10-6 - except one - closing at 4pm on the 11th. I will be showing pastels and watercolors of landscapes, rivers, flowers, gardens, travel...and, you guessed it, foxes!

Artists are invited to set up easels and paint in the garden any day during the exhibit.


Mary Beth Brath said...

I just showed this post to my boys. We love your painting. The foxes look so curious and playful.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I love this! I was so excited to see a doe and her two fawns up by our cabin this summer. I was lucky to get a photo (posted it on my blog), and I hope to get a painting done. Your beautiful work here has definitely given me inspiration!

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