Thursday, October 14, 2010

A thank you & a (mild) scolding

photo by Rodrica Tilley
Thank you to the hordes of happy art lovers who turned out for the Artists' Open House Weekend...I was too busy selling & wrapping originals & prints to actually take any photos of you all enjoying the fabulous autumn weather in my garden. It was a wonderful ending to my 14 years on this county-wide studio tour. I'm moving to Vermont in 2011 as most of you know. I so enjoyed seeing friends, fans & familiar faces.

The garden received many compliments. People were surprised that it was colourful! To my way of thinking a fall garden can be a little too subdued without DAHLIAS! Yes, they are a fair amount of must dig, wash, label & store them after the frost...sort of like potatoes; you need a cool, frost-free storage the basement. But, that done you can forget about them until mid- to late April. Then drop the tubers in pots of gro-mix in the greenhouse or sunporch or living room window. When they sprout, water them and plant them out with 4' stakes in mid to late May. So those of you who go to the trouble of growing tomatoes & marigolds, may want to steal a corner for some real fall color. And in a lucky year that may begin in July and last until October. Your house will be full of bouquets.

Swan Island Dahlias is my favorite source...and their catalogue is great reading. I don't go for the dinner plate dahlias, but you may. Dahlias are a great them once...plant & give away forever.


Zoe said...

Yours have been fabulous this fall... I love how they grabbed the limelight when pretty much everything else had taken a bow :)

Pam said...

I had no idea that you were moving next year, and am very sorry to see you leave. I wish I could have made your Autumn Show. Hope you continue with your blog so we know what you are painting.

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