Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Pond on Rice Farm Road

It was an exquisite fall day in my neighborhood two weeks ago...and the days here have been mostly soggy for months. I spent the afternoon painting this Vermont scene amidst the birds (?) rustling in the cattails next to me and quite a few leaf peepers driving by on the dirt road.

That was two weeks ago and Black Mountain, where I live, has turned into winter rather suddenly. This is another of the Transitions series. 12 x 16 pastels.

My new studio is growing on me. And some days I can actually find what I am looking for. (Yes, I did put the pliers in that drawer, but why?) It is quiet and warm and bright and near home....and thanks to the local Tru-Value housewares guy, it smells good now. So, I am settling in for a long winter's work.

Later this month I am showing some of my new work at the Butternut Gallery and Second Story Books, in Montrose, PA as part of a show called FRACTURED; an exhibit of photographs, pastel paintings and writing that explores the social ramifications of gas drilling in Susquehanna County, curated by Michael Poster and Melissa Whalen Haertsch. FRACTURED will be on display from November 25 - with an opening from 6-8pm, Friday - through December 31, closing at 3pm. Zoe Poster and Pete Comly, among others, will have work in the show, too.


Pamela said...

So nice to see what you are up to and your beautiful painting.

Vera said...

yes, love your latest work; hope to see you at the Butternut and your work; love your story about fireflies and one being caught in your bangs; what a lovely communion with the little fella. !

Making A Mark said...

This will be featured on The Art of the Landscape on Tuesday 29th November

Rodrica Tilley said...

Katherine, I am honored. Thanks for looking. A link to The Art of the Landscape can be found below in Blogs I Read.

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