Thursday, December 22, 2011

Was My Mother a Pagan?

Happy Winter Solstice to all! This is my favorite holiday. Its meaning I can relate to; ending of the old, beginning of the new, more daylight - possibly sunshine - each day forth. My mother never missed informing her family that December 21 was a very important day and cause for joy. The daylight from then on will lengthen. In the midst of a hectic holiday season of baking, shopping, wrapping, sewing, cleaning house, care-taking and holding down a job she needed a star to pin her hopes on. As far as I know she never lit any fires on the lawn or practiced paganism or worshipped much. She taught us to treat others as we wished to be treated. She is an optimistic 93 year old and today I will have to inform her of the date, not the significance. That she will know.

As the above photo of my Vermont living room window shows, Solstice suits my holiday decorating skills. Wishing you many warm holiday memories filled with light.

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Barbara said...

Lovely window and view. The solstice always cheers me up too. Don't like such short daylight hours.

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