Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stephanie's Afternoon at the Studio

This is my fourth and last drawing in the four-week January mini-semester at the River Gallery School of Art in Brattleboro, Vermont. My intention for this final week was to complete an 18 x 18in. drawing of the model and surrounding elements:draperies, windows, etc. I wanted to get the values right while preserving a likeness in a sensitive contour drawing of the model. I feel that I was mildly least it was a big jump ahead from week one's effort. I also wanted to preserve some of the excitement and strength of the abstract 5-minute thumbnail I always start with. That I'm still hoping to achieve. Next time. It is good to have a goal and a project hanging around in my thoughts for a week, until the next class.

I used carbon pencils on cream canson paper.

Yes, a new semester starts next Tuesday for me with a 10-class session of Life stay tuned.

I am working on two new pastel paintings, too; Yellow House and Purple House.

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