Friday, April 20, 2012

Paper Zoo at MFA Boston

                                 photo by Michael Poster of Michael Poster and Rodrica Tilley under the Sargent murals in the rotunda

My husband and I drove into Boston yesterday to spend a day at the Museum of Fine Arts. We had a few specific special exhibitions we wanted to visit: Paper Zoo, The Allure of Japan, Manet in Black, Beauty as Duty and Passion and Precision in the Age of Revolution
They were all good, but Paper Zoo was my favorite; 6 centuries of photographs, prints and drawings on paper of some members of the animal kingdom. I saw L'escargot by Toulouse Lautrec, Toad by Picasso, Spider by Louise Bourgeois. A sleeping puppy by Rembrandt was about as cute as this show got. Woodcuts, lithographs, etchings. It's there until August. Go. You won't be sorry.

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