Monday, May 07, 2012

I am Screaming

The $120 million dollar sale of Edouard Munch's pastel "The Scream" has brought forth several emotional reactions here;

Yips of delight - hey, it's a pastel! My chosen medium has in the past been occasionally dismissed by artists and buyers alike...'not as valuable as oil paintings'. Hmph!

Moans of pain -  being a member of the 99%,  I find it a sign of the excess, that unfortunately means too much political power is residing with the 1% of the obscenely wealthy.

Sobs of joy- I love this iconic series of four paintings. Rarely has an artist achieved this degree of expression of the inner self....and been so embraced by millions of viewers.

Mumblings of hope - still. I look forward to this masterpiece being accessible to the public that has so cherished it. It would be too sad if it disappears for long. Keychain fobs, coffee cups, tee shirts will just not do. Give all of us a chance to see the original - face to face.


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