Sunday, November 04, 2012

Why draw?

Why not?

Sometimes you just want to draw - motivation!  So, I looked around my house with pencil in hand for the subject. Ah, those adorable squashes (and one pumpkin)! They taste great, but so far have looked too good to cook. After all, I had purchased them for their appearance. Having a block of two hours, I strung them out on my smooth maple dining room table adding an item destined for my husband's lunch.  The cherished vase, made by Ray Kaplan of Philadelphia, has been sitting on the table alone for several weeks since Ray gave it to us.

This is a subtle and delicate pencil wash drawing...if I was using pastels I may have given these objects a very different treatment. Moleskine Folio A4 Watercolor Album (12 x 8.5 inches), Derwent Sketching Wash pencils (light and bold), brushes, water, sharpener and erasers (dogs snoring under table optional).

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Zoe said...

Wonderful sketch, and photo. Your untiring motivation is always an inspiration to me.

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