Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Our new cat

'Charley Parker' was adopted from Windham County Humane Society on a very lucky day in December. They have a no adoption fee program for older pets going to homes of seniors. They listed my cat at "over three"...his exact age is unknown. 

He likes to play with toys. He doesn't mind the dogs at all, despite the drooling, barking and nose poking. He seems to like all humans. And he is a very amusing large cat. Charley Parker is surprisingly dog-like; he greets us at the door along with his two canine buddies and can often be found lying next to them. He gallops on the wooden stair treads around our home, his large paws sounding like little hoofs. He can take a hint (don't walk on the keyboard). And, best of all, he naps often making him an excellent model. 

Our vet has put him on a "weight management program" (less food-duh) because he has no apparent waist! Oh, well...just like some of the rest of us 'seniors'. I think he's perfect. He loves lap-sitting. Here are 2 charcoal drawings of him and a pen and ink of how my other sweetie starts his day... with Charley.


Jean Curren said...

Welcome Charley! What a wonderful guy you seem to be - and a very lucky cat for sure. Wish you all the very best!

Cydney Brooks said...

Oh how wonderful for you and for Charley! (I had a cat named Charley years ago - orange tabby).

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