Sunday, August 03, 2014

A New Hampshire Barn...and...

One of the few plein air paintings I've done since my Mojave trip in the spring. One of my fellow life drawing classmates invited artists to his wonderful historic property; full of gardens, architecture and a view of Mt. Monadnock. Hope he asks us back again because all I got done was one corner of his barn...Ken's Barn 12 x 12 pastel...available for purchase.

Speaking of which...the other new thing is a blog of all my paintings for sale currently. Some have been in storage too long. Some have been greatly reduced. Some not much. This will change as new ones are posted.

So, besides, drive paintings here and there, weed the garden and buy more plants that's about my summer so far. There has been much contemplation in the garden, too. What about you?

"The feeling of being present is most alive in this painting.  I can feel the scene and almost smell it."

 One of the eloquent readers of this blog sent that comment to my email regarding this painting. Thank you, thank you. I love hearing from you all.

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