Saturday, August 22, 2009

Williams Pond

August 9th I wrote:
This morning the haze & mist hung heavy over Williams Pond. It is a location that I have been painting and drawing for 30 years. It is, so far, quite unchanged. This is the initial lay-in; defining shapes, values and suggesting colors. It was too wet outside today for pastel painters so I worked on this inside. I like the way mist & haze transforms space and distance and makes my familiar surroundings look alien.

Today I have almost finished the painting of Wiliams Pond 10 x 15 inch image size.


Caroline said...

Your work is amazing!
What in the world would it take…
For me to get you, to do a demonstration? at my gallery?
The Philip Hone Gallery in Honesdale…
With maybe a class to follow?
I understand this is the busy season, but maybe down the road...
You can name your demands!
I am so envious of your skills! Giving up “Neverland” my studio;
has been hard, but…
I believe doing this for and with the artists will be an adventure of a lifetime.
Where in the world does anyone ever hand you a great gallery and say “it’s yours!”
I believe I have been so blessed by… two good friends, and will do my best to make them proud.
You are the quality and criteria of artist I want in my gallery, I’ve been working hard these last 3 months and have decided go head first with this new venture!
One day… I hope to meet you, either way…
I am so grateful to have met you; you are an inspiration!

Rodrica Tilley said...

Caroline, I am interested in knowing more about your gallery. Can you write me at
Thank you for the kind words.

Elemaza said...

Rodrica, I love your colors--they give such a beautiful impression of the light on a particular day in this magical place. I like how you show the process with photographs showing the painting's progression through stages.

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