Monday, February 06, 2012

Studio Lookin' Good

I think my new studio in Brattleboro will always look this organized. There is no room to have anything out of place. Chaos can come to this little room in about 5 minutes. So far, so good.

Those of you who saw it "before" can appreciate these "after" photos. Notice the cheery new rug!

But the best thing of all is the paper flat file (under table on right side of lower photo). After spending way too much time and energy chasing down used flat files all over the northeast I had one custom made by Greg Goodman Cabinetmaker here in Brattleboro. He made a utilitarian and mighty fine looking piece that works like a charm. I should say it is the second best thing.

The best is my husband who is not in the photo but several of my older pieces of studio furniture which were made by him are. He had the brilliant idea to ask Greg to make the file. I couldn't have done it without Michael. Thanks, honey. (But he didn't pick out the rug!)

Now I can get down to work which as you can see I am doing.


Zoe said...

Yea! What a transformation. Looks like a bright, warm, cheerful place to work. You've made it your own.

Pamela said...

Love seeing your studio, plus your yellow house on the easel.

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