Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Purple House

This 16 x 16 pastel of my house in Vermont is now on exhibit at the Butternut Gallery & Second Story Books in Montrose PA (570-278-4011) along with it's partner Yellow House.  I framed them with Tru-Vue (Museum) glass to diminish reflections as well as preserve the bright colors over time. The glass is AR (anti-reflective) and UV (keeps ultraviolet light from bleaching pigments). Pastels and most works on paper need to be protected by glass. Looking through Tru-Vue makes the glass almost invisible. I know that sounds weird, but you can definitely appreciate the difference between Tru-Vue and regular or so-called non-reflective "frosted" glass. Stop in and take a look. Tell Tom & Betty I sent you. They are each priced to sell at $550 framed.

1 comment:

Vera said...

nice to see the purple house tucked away in the peaceful setting of trees and snow.

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