Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sketch Group Visits the Petting Farm

Yesterday was a great day...not just because it finally stopped raining. Friday morning Tai Chi class always puts me in a happy mood, then in the afternoon our sketch group drew farm animals....but not all of them. I completely did not have time to draw any bovines. I'm going back soon for the Scottish Highland calves, cow and huge ox and for the  young steers, assorted sheep, goats, llama and chickens. I tried to get a good drawing of 4 miniature donkeys, but I think I was smitten by CUTE and was unable to function. Next time I will stay all day. (Next time I will not sit on a hay bale in stretch pants to draw the donkeys...hard to concentrate.)

These are quick charcoal sketches made at Brattleboro, Vermont  Retreat Petting Farm. What a great place....and not just for kids. The animals have it pretty good and were chosen, not just for their good looks, but are friendly. Visitors are encouraged to feed hay to certain animals. They like this and are quite obliging.

Yes, animals move a lot. Get over it. Do your best to observe and remember...this is a skill that can be developed through practice. Look for actions that will be repeated over and over. If the rabbit is chased out of his box by the gang of four year olds, the rabbit will return asap. If mama pig has just been given a huge pile of grain, she will stand right there until it is gone, lest her piglets should steal a kernel from her. Not every page of your sketchbook needs to be pretty...many will have fragments of feet, tails, ears and noses...unpaid models who fled.

I wanted to bring that little black and white piggy least I have my sketch. Squeeeeeeeeaaaal! snort.

My years of sketching at The Harford, PA County Fair paid off yesterday.

Our sketch group welcomes fellow drawers.


Zoe Tilley Poster said...

love these! especially the piggies. but all of them.

Farmgirl Susan said...

These are wonderful! I can see where Zoe gets her amazing talent. :)

Sandra Knauf said...

Me too. Mad love for the animal sketches!

Anonymous said...

Love the big fat fluffy bunny!
I want to snuggle with it.
Sarah Haus

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