Friday, October 18, 2013

Many Moons

Eight of the small square pastel series, Many Moons, hanging on the studio wall. I've decided to frame them separately in a shadowbox style of wood frame. This will happen a little later as I want to continue making them as they occur to me. I intend them to be ready for the Butternut Gallery in early 2014.

The motivation behind the Many Moons series is my habitual interest in stepping outside last thing at night and first thing in the morning to look at the sky...and sniff the air. I am fortunate to live under relatively dark night skies here in rural Vermont...not perfect, but pretty good. At those times I can regain touch with the universe as well as my own neighborhood. By sketching in the dark at that time and then translating to a little painting later that day I capture and preserve those moments. I have been relying on drawing, notations and memory rather than a camera. Sometimes the moon is New and then it does not appear at all. There are still owls to hear, dogs who howl, stars and planets and, with luck, the milky way ...and frogs croaking. The moon is a powerful symbol of mystery and I like to know that it is predictable and scientific as well as beautiful, even while it appears altered each time I see it.

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