Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My HALLOWEEN week mis-adventure

A lovely crisp fall day brought all 5 of the Tuesday Painters out of their warm studios to paint some sheep and cows at the farm of The Putney School. Two of us were just finishing up our paintings. As I started to carry mine to my car a short way down the farm road, a goblin snagged my toe causing me to plant my face rather abruptly into the gravel and freshly applied pastel. As I dragged myself to my feet, checking to make sure all body parts appeared to be in working order, my friend turned to see me staggering toward her with blood pouring from my two sand and gravel filled lips and the rest of my face wearing 'grass green', 'sky blue' and 'barn pink'. OWWW that hurt!

So this is what it looked like moments before that happened.

Many Thanks to my level headed fellow artist, Basha Freudenberg, who was not the least bit fazed by all the blood, for her assistance and kindness! Later my husband encouraged me to let him drive me to the ER for a professional exam. Spooky.Hours later the understated Dr Terwilliger looked at my lip and inquired, "bleed much?" A right hand X-ray showed that to be wounded but not broken. Tetanus shot...always a good idea when you eat dirt next to the manure pile.

As for the painting??? just a little blood on the margin, but my carefully selected and applied colors, have been 'bewitched'. When I get my glasses fixed I'll see what can be done. Beware...evil lurks.


Melissa Whalen Haertsch said...

Oh HONEYbear! I'm glad your hand was not broken anyway. And now you have scared everyone, so on Halloween you can just kick your feet up and relax.

Rodrica said...

HA HA. Not quite yet. I think my Sketch Group deserves a good fright. I will show up.

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