Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Twelve Nocturnes


Moons have appeared in my work over the past 35 years. I feel their energy; they pull me from bed to watch them set. These small pastel paintings began with rough pencil sketches and notes made in the dark, out of doors. I purposely did not use a camera for reference. What I actually see is usually better than I am able to capture with my basic photographic skills.  I wanted to rely on my plein air observations. They were completed during daylight in the studio. 

I chose Algonquin names (in English) for many of the titles...so descriptive, useful and evocative. Shown from top; Sturgeon Moon, Worm Moon, Long Night Full Moon and Wolf Moon (on desk).

Go to the Butternut Gallery, 204 Church ST, Montrose, PA and you will see these small (six inch square) night scenes, framed in shadowboxes (eight inch overall square). You will also see many new works from seasoned and emerging artists and have quite a good time there. Call 570 278 4011 to confirm winter and early spring hours...tentatively Thursday-Sat.11-5.

The moons were mentioned on this blog last year before the dozen were finished and framed. By Thursday, March 6th, the whole dozen will be on the wall at the Butternut Gallery.


Zoe Tilley Poster said...

Love this series, and the names. The shadowboxes show them off very nicely.

Melissa Whalen Haertsch said...

I can't wait to see these in person at the Butternut.

Anonymous said...

Sitting at Barb's kitchen table! Love the moon series too! John hung the little one on the wall in the study that looks so great. Freezing here this weekend but having tons of fun.

Maybe we will cross paths in Vermont.


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